Secunda-JosephSecunda Joseph is a native of Houston, Texas by way of Breaux Bridge Louisiana (Louisiana raised, Texas Grown), she attended Nimitz High School and The University of Houston. She is the Social Curator of Grass Is Greener and is a Marketing Expert, who takes an artistic approach to building social communicative platforms. She is known to be the pulse of the people, edgy, and an expert in media manufacturing. She is a co-host on Tre’ Vibrations, a radio talk show that airs on KCOH (Houston) every Saturday morning, where she shares the latest social news information and digital trends in the cosmos. She believes that Grass Is Greener’s effectiveness has been their ability as an agency to execute unforgettable PR campaigns by combining grass roots and technology savvy methods.

Secunda believes that everyone has a purpose and when we live out our purpose and use our gifts the entire planet is made better. She is passionate about rebranding the narratives of people of color and speaking up for people who need it the most. She is a member of St. John’s Downtown where she volunteers in several ministries and is a devout lover of GOD and people. Her ultimate goal is to Love Perfectly and be loved…she hasn’t succeed yet but she will!

How would you define real beauty? 

Real beauty is authenticity, joy and pain, uniqueness, creation, the stuff that’s uncorrupted, a brand new baby, a woman in labor, a kid with their father, an elderly couple caring for each other, a person forgiving when it hurts, and recovery. That’s beauty.

What activity brings you the most inner peace?

Woman Of Beauty - Brigid's Place - Women's Spirituality in Houston

Woman Of Beauty – Brigid’s Place – Women’s Spirituality in Houston

Journaling, creating, and writing brings me the most peace. I never realized that until you asked.

Where do you find soul strength?

I find soul strength through prayer, worship, encouraging others, and fighting for others. I find soul strength looking to GOD and believing in the Divine Plan.

What makes you laugh?

Kids telling the truth, and a good joke, Martin, and romantic comedies make me laugh.

Which female heroine inspires you this month? 

This month it has to be a tie between Mary Magdalene and my great grandmother “LuLu.” I’ve learned so much about Mary Magdalene and I’m impressed. I can’t stop thinking about my great grandmother, however, because she barley spoke English, didn’t learn to read or write, and yet anyone who knew her believed that she was extremely wise and intelligent. What really amazes me is that she didn’t live an easy life, but she was still calm, at peace, and enjoyed life. She was thankful. It’s easy to be thankful when life is good, you have the right husband, and enough resources; but, try being a thankful widow at 40 years old with 7 kids children while enduring heartache, illness, and loss. That’s a SheRo! I know that now, because life is not as easy to me as it was when I was younger. I can’t stop thinking about her. “Lulu” was truly accomplished!