“Real beauty shines from within.”

6669482_origLori Earley is the owner and practitioner at Phoenix Rising Acupuncture in Houston.  She is a nationally board certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and a Reiki Master.  Lori is a native Houstonian, who earned her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, where she earned Valedictorian status of her graduating class at The American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Prior to Lori’s four-year graduate studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 9 years and in academia for 2 years, as she gained a Master’s of Science in Biology, conducting research in the fields of biology, mycology and electron microscopy and publishing in the Texas Journal of Microscopy.

In addition, Lori has received advanced post-graduate, hands-on training and certification by pioneers in the field of acupuncture by Dr. Martha Lucas, the founder of Mei Zen Acupuncture System for cosmetic acupuncture, weight loss, and fertility, and Dr. Richard Tan, the inventor of the balance method, a highly effective technique used to quickly alleviate acute and chronic pain for both musculoskeletal problems and internal disease.

Lori’s passion is to promote healing in a holistic manner using acupuncture, herbology, and all treatment modalities in which Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses.  She strives to provide a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient with a gentle, laid-back, down-to-earth approach.

With primary concentrations in women’s health and emotional imbalances, such as depression, anxiety, and stress-management, Lori addresses health concerns holistically by initially determining the underlying cause of an individual’s symptoms, rather than simply treating the presentation of illness or discomfort.  Once the root cause is determined, only then may true healing begin.

Lori is the founder and president of Greater Houston Acupuncture Alliance and is a columnist for The Indigo Sun. She has also been a featured guest lecturer on Traditional Chinese Medicine at The University of Texas School of Medicine, and she is the mother of two beautiful daughters, ages 2 & 6 years old.

Women of Beauty - Brigid's Place - Houston Women Spiritual Communtity

Women of Beauty – Brigid’s Place – Houston Women Spiritual Community

How would you define real beauty?

Real beauty shines from within.  It is the glow that comes from a soul level when one has confidence, gratitude, and hope.

What activity brings you the most inner peace?

Service to my patients and the community is where I find my inner peace.  Witnessing their journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have found my calling in life.

Where do you find soul strength?

Faith.  I live by the philosophy introduced by American naturalist, John Burroughs: “Leap, and the net will appear.”

What makes you laugh?

Nothing makes me laugh more than the delirious giggles of my daughters.  Children’s laughs are certainly contagious, and to see their joy is heart-warming.

Which female heroine inspires you this month?

Phoenix Rising Acupuncture consists primarily of female patients.  There is not one day that goes by that I am not touched and inspired by the stories, the experiences, and the lives of these beautiful women that I have been given the pleasure to know.