I find inner peace in nature, in art, and in my meditation practice.

Brigid's Place Woman of Beauty - Deborah LindeenDeborah Kilgore Lindeen MA, LPC, ATR-BC
Soulscape Counseling

Deborah is a psychotherapist and art therapist in private practice for 10 years. She formerly worked in corporate Human Resources, which has given her a sense of the difficulties of balancing work and life. Her practice is informed by her belief that we are more alike than we are different, but it is precisely those differences that make each one of us so uniquely interesting. Blending psychodynamic insight with a strong goal orientation, she uses assessments, Jungian psychology, art therapy, spiritual direction, and life experiences, tailored to meet client needs. Deborah says, “Helping individuals and couples reach their goals for happier, more satisfying lives always enriches my life, too!” She is an LPC Supervisor, an EMDR practitioner, and a Gottman Level II couples therapist. She lives in West Houston with her engineer husband.

How would you define real beauty?
Real beauty comes from within, from a deeply felt sense of confidence and an inner knowing that you are okay just as you are. Being okay with who we are allows us to accept others just as they are as well. It’s when we are in touch with our own giftedness that we are able to share ourselves most fully with others.

Woman Of Beauty - Brigid's Place - Women's Spirituality in Houston

Woman Of Beauty – Brigid’s Place – Women’s Spirituality in Houston

What activity brings you the most inner peace?
 I find inner peace in nature, in art, and in my meditation practice. As a longtime city dweller, the beauty of nature is something I’ve only begun to appreciate in recent years, and I would like to be able to express some of that in my art.

Where do you find soul strength?
My soul is renewed through my Christian faith, using my gifts in my work, and in community with others. I practice a simple method of recalling moments for which I’m grateful during each day, and that helps remind me of just how many there are!

What makes you laugh?
I laugh at witty word plays, my Chow Chow’s lovable antics, and with close friends and family who point out my foibles with humor and love.

Which female heroine inspires you this month?
This month I’m deep into learning about DBT, (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) a type of therapy which can be particularly helpful to clients who have trouble regulating or making sense of their emotions. I am inspired by its founder, Marsha Linehan, for her courage and authenticity in speaking about her own struggles, as well as for her intelligence and irreverent sense of humor.