brigid-waszczakBrigid Waszczak is an Episcopal Deacon, Spiritual Director and women’s ministries leader, retreat consultant and mentor. She is a former teacher, fundraising executive, and public relations and marketing director. She came to the Episcopal Church 8 years ago from the Roman Catholic Church when she responded to a call to ordination. In May 2015, Brigid celebrated her third anniversary as an Episcopal deacon.

Brigid’s deacon duties include assisting with liturgical worship, preaching, pastoral care, women’s ministry and community engagement. Brigid is a certified facilitator of the Episcopal grief ministry program, Walking the Mourner’s Path®.

As a Spiritual Director, Brigid accompanies seekers of all denominations or no denomination in achieving spiritual health and wholeness through individual and/or group spiritual direction. Her Spiritual Direction practice includes contemplative, art creation and sand tray modalities. She studied sand tray direction with Dr. Alexander Shaia. You can access her profile on the Spiritual Directors International website.

Brigid leads imaginative and inspiring women’s retreats. She has 25+ years of experience in creating and facilitating retreats and workshops. Brigid served as retreat leader for Spiritual Spa Days at the Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson and Retreat Leader for a Christian women’s organization for over 10 years. As founding Board member of that Christian women’s group, she helped to grow membership from 12 to 90 women.

Brigid graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in languages. She taught French, Spanish, English and art to both primary and secondary students. Brigid and her husband John have four grown children, five grandchildren and a sixth grandchild on the way. She has lived in PA, WVA, CA, VA, AZ and London, England. She currently serves at St. Matthew’s parish, Tucson in the Episcopal Diocese of AZ.

How would you define real beauty?
Real beauty arises from inner peace and joy. Being at peace with ourselves transforms not only in our face, but our posture, grace, kindness and compassion. My aunt, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, wore no make – up, did not fuss with her hair, and wore plain clothes. Everyone commented on her beauty. Her very presence brought peace and joy.

lincoln-city-1204401_640What activity brings you the most inner peace?
Sitting quietly in nature. The music of the wind, shifting sunlight and shadows, and the scent of soil, spruce or ocean restore peace even when I’m super stressed.

Where do you find soul strength?
Prayer and friends! A good talk and a long laugh with my soul sisters fortifies my soul.

What makes you laugh?
Almost everything! Really. My kids and grandkids make me laugh hardest. If you’ve every heard a five year old explain life, you know what I mean. I love laughing. It keeps you young. Which female heroine inspires you this month? Surprisingly, Cain’s wife. Cain of Bible infamy had a wife who is not named, but that doesn’t make her invisible. She lived a hard life with Cain — no family supporting or sharing her journey, accompanying a husband who was unwelcome everywhere. She was not insignificant or inconsequential in the recounting of Cain’s fate. She inspires me to live as if I matter and to help every woman understand that she matters. My friend Ronna Detrick brought Cain’s wife to my attention.


My alter ego, Lucille Ball from the episode where she worked on a candy assembly line!