The Being Woman

by Lucia Bettler


Credit: Melissa Muirhead

There are few things so gratifying as being in the presence of a truly beautiful and alive woman. The beauty I speak of, however, is very different from glamour.  This beauty is Being shining forth, that which comes from a woman at peace with herself.  This woman is not trying to be something she is not, attempting to fit some preconceived notion of “woman”.  She is simple Being, alive with full knowledge of her uniqueness.  Her creativity is given free reign; all is possible.  She knows herself and gives that self.  Her quiet confidence is a deep sea that at times comes through in a burst of energy as she uses both her mind and heart, in delicate balance.  This beauty comes from her ability to live her feelings the moment they are born.

How can we as women become this ideal self?  I do not live at this level one hundred percent of the time, but I have experienced moments, even days, when I was in touch with that inner core that is me, that source of my true nature.

Studying the ancient roots and myths of women through art, poetry, dreams and music is one avenue of renewal, one way of transforming our lives out of the ordinary into the magnificent!  Having a simple awareness of nature, the changing seasons, the cycles of animals, plants and people is another way of feeling the life force all around us.  As we experience the profound joy of living, we renew our relationships with the Earth and its Old Ways with ourselves.  We invite those ancient woman-myths to come alive and enter our daily lives in ways that transform our own stories, stories of the heart of life.  We look at the shadow/unlived side of us, and begin to find our inner balance.

When we stop fearing ourselves and other women, we bond together in relationships that enliven us and bring out our creativity.  We become a strong support that forms a background to our relationships and work in the world.  Our wisdom, intuition and knowledge will aid us in relating as whole women to the women and men in our lives.

All the myths of gods and goddesses live within us, symbols for our many parts.  As we share our experiences with one another, we see our similarities and see our separation melt away.  We also become empowered appreciating the energy inherent in our life cycles.  We see our lives are filled with decisions, directions, and corrections as we constantly create the persons that we are.  We are on a journey, a gradual path that takes us back to our unique selves.  Along the way we get glimpses of our true beauty, that ability to express our inner lives in harmony with the outer self.  This balance of all our qualities, gives us a durable and gentle power, a power and beauty that comes only when we are faithful to ourselves.


Lucia Bettler is a native Houstonian, former English teacher, and graduate of the University of St. Thomas. She is the owner of Lucia’s Garden, a well known Houston gift/herbal shop and learning center that strives to nourish the body and spirit. She has been passionate about mythology, spirituality, books, and herbs for over 25 years. Her knowledge, travel, and extensive mythological and folkloric research adds a rich dimension to Lucia’s teaching and business. She currently serves as the Vice President on Brigid’s Place’s Board of Directors.