Dark Nights of the Soul: Jung, Dante and the Red Book

Friday, February 26 at 7 pm The Jung Center $15 members/$20 general admission How can art help guide us through periods of difficulty and transformation? In the middle of death, disaster and despair, Dante created a map for his own inner transformation by penning The Divine Comedy. Seven hundred years later, Dante’s work served as inspiration for C. G. Jung’s own imaginal process of healing and revelation that ultimately became The Red Book.

Music to Light the Dark: Orpheus and Rilke

Thursday, February 25 at 7 pm Match Theater, Houston, Texas Kayleen Asbo, lecture and piano With Julija Zibrat, violin $35.00 The music of Bach, Gluck, Mozart, Philip Glass, Arvo Part, poetry of Rilke and art of Rodin In 1922, the great poet Rainer Maria Rilke arrived at a chateau in Switzerland in a state of profound depression and grief with a case of writer’s block so intense that it had lasted almost

Dr. Kayleen Asbo Returns to Houston

To Light the Darkness: An Artistic Residency in Houston, Texas February 25-28, 2016 Kayleen will be offering four days of  lectures, workshops and concerts in Houston on topics ranging from Dante to Hildegard of Bingen and Carl Jung with violinist Julija Zibrat Music to Light the Dark at MATCH, 2/25 at 7:00 pm, $35.00 Dark Nights of the Soul: Jung, Dante and the Red Book, 2/26, at the Jung Center at 7:00 pm The Path


A Day’s Retreat/Reflection Participants have an opportunity to recoup from the holiday and frenzy and enter into the New Year more MINDFULLY.  Meditation, working with mandalas, exploring prayer with sacred and secular images, journaling, quiet time and sharing with others will help us walk into the new year with renewed energy. Sponsored by Brigid's Place and EventsChrist Church Cathedral Led by Kathleen Church, a licensed therapist and and workshop presenter in

Give Your Best Day 21: Sacred Sunday, Kissed by God, Holy Women Create

  Sacred Sunday, Kissed by God, Holy Women Create featuring St Brigid, by Shirley Cunningham. Listen to the stories of St Brigid, and glean insights into your own spiritual walk and life purpose with God. Shirley is an artist, author speaker and teacher, and creator of the image of St Brigid pictured above. Shirley’s varied teaching modalities and loving spirit will bless you in your continuing spiritual journey. Shirley shares a preview of

Giving Your Best Day 20: Self Care with Patty Adamik Love Your Lymph

Understanding your lymph system and how to care for it is a key totransforming stress! On Planet YOU, your lymph system acts like the Wetlands. [pdf-embedder url="https://secureservercdn.net/"]

Giving Your Best Day 19: Family Traditions with Lucia

Soul work deepens the spiritual life. Cherish and savor what nourishes and delights us. Look into the heart of a flower, the song of a bird, the lift of the hawk’s wing on the air. [pdf-embedder url="https://secureservercdn.net/"]

Giving Your Best Day18: What if buying wasn’t the answer?

This is a great time of year to create new traditions with your family, and focus on the treasures of time with family. Pam Lyle,Chief Financial Officer for The Rose and current President of Brigid’s Place, shares how to give without spending. “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” ― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet [pdf-embedder url="https://secureservercdn.net/"]

Giving Your Best Day 17: Rev Brigid Waszcznak & Special Guest Deborah Lindeen

Deborah discusses how Self expression through art is a great way to bring emotions of grief, solitude, and expectations to the surface. Express yourself in a deep soul satisfying way to add warm memories to your Holiday traditions. Deborah shares her Surviving the Holidays blog with you, below. Deborah Lindeen, MA, LPC Board Certified Art Therapist http://www.soulscapecounseling.com/ [pdf-embedder url="https://secureservercdn.net/"]

21 Days of Giving Your Best

A Joyful Journey Into the Holidays :: November 10-December 1 For 21 days Brigid's Place sent out a daily inspirational message, via email, all designed by members of our community, sharing their journey and the lessons they have learned to treasure. Sign up using the form to get yours delivered daily. journalling How we can focus on a new way of experiencing traditions? Do unrealistic expectations and old patterns create stress