Inner Wisdom Breakfast Series Launches Exploration of Body, Mind & Spirit
Oriental Medicine Practitioner Lori Earley on Physical Effects of Emotional Imbalance
Monette Chilson

At Brigid’s Place, our mission is to provide education, dialogue and celebrations that foster the personal and spiritual transformation of women. Too often, though, we think of transformation only within conventional Western paradigms which are largely defined by two limiting assumptions. One, that knowing is accomplished intellectually; and two, that there are quick fixes to our problems.

This past Friday, we partnered with Lori Earley, a nationally board certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine, to introduce us to a different, distinctly Eastern, way of seeing the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit. Over breakfast at Yoga Heart Studio, Lori shared the information (outlined here) on the interconnection of emotions and physical imbalances. In our time together, we explored the physical symptoms associated with different emotions and looked at case studies that brought the information to life for us.

The talk revealed a wisdom found within our body that has nothing to do with uncovering the “right” information in textbooks and the internet. Lori exposed us to an ancient wisdom based on trusting the innate connection betweenwhat we are feeling (emotions) and how we are feeling (physical health). The Eastern modalities she uses in her work are not quick “pop-a-pill” fixes. They are treatments that bring the body back into balance with the goal of preventing future imbalances (i.e. diseases). While many of her approaches (like acupuncture) can bring immediate relief, her practice is a holistic one that uses herbs, exercise recommendations, lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments to bring a patient back into a place of balance in their mind, body and spirit.

Lori’s presentation was the first of three in our Friday morning Inner Wisdom Breakfast Series. The next two will be held on February 13 and February 20, both at 8:15 at Yoga Heart Studio (5959 Westheimer, #210, Houston TX 77057). Reserve your spot in advance for only $12 or at the door for $15. A light breakfast is included, and you may stay for the yoga class following for only $10 (1/2 off the normal rate courtesy of Yoga Heart Houston owner Selise Stewart).

Friday, February 13: Re-wiring Your Brain from Negativity to Positivity
Deborah Lindeen of Soul Scape Counseling, LPC & Board Certified Art Therapist

Friday, February 20:  Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga
Monette Chilson, author, Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga

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Monette Chilson is the author of Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga. Published by Bright Sky Press in 2625409_orig2013, her debut publication helps yoga enthusiasts meld the spirituality of their faith tradition with the sacred awareness cultivated through their yoga practice. Monette has lived her yoga on and off the mat for more than 20 years. She writes and speaks about faith, yoga and the feminine face of God. She’s written for Yoga JournalIntegral Yoga Magazine, and Elephant Journal, among others. Sophia Rising was recently awarded the Illumination Book Award gold medal, as well as the Hoffer Small Press and First Horizon Awards. She blogs regularly on her site and you can follow her at Sophia Rising Yoga. She lives in Houston with her husband and two children.