Real Transformation.  Genuine Community.

Brigid’s Place welcomes women who want to experience real transformation and genuine community.
Personal growth requires vulnerability, humility, openness to others, and most of all, a sense of humor!
Our mission is to provide engaging, eye-opening, soul nourishing moments with the self, others, and
the Divine that will break open your heart and take you to a new level of life!

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The Mantle of Brigid about us,
The Memory of Brigid within us,
The Protection of Brigid keeping us
From harm, from ignorance, from heartlessness.

Saint Brigid Hearth Keeper Prayer

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The Story of Easter… Told By The Women Who Were There.

Each year Brigid’s Place invites you to Easter in Memory of Her, an innovative service of music and mediation that celebrates the voices of the women who loved Jesus — Mary the Mother, the woman at the well, the woman who anointed Jesus, Mary of Bethany, and Mary Magdalene.


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